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MarvelHype marvel Mill City Media Network introduces MARVELHYPE marvelhype featured

LOWELL, Mass. — Mill City Media Network is proud to announce the addition of MARVELHYPE to our roster of news related websites designed to bring up-to-date news and information to you.

MARVELHYPE has the latest movie news, trailers and reviews, video game updates, TV news, and Blu-ray and DVD announcements from the Marvel movie universe and beyond.

On MARVELHYPE fans can watch the latest trailers and teasers for upcoming Marvel Comics based films and television shows, along with news related to those upcoming releases.

Additionally, our writers will give reviews, opinions and theories surrounding the Marvel movie universe.

Unlike Mill City Sports, where the focus is around Lowell area and New England based sports, MARVELHYPE will focus on the entire world of Marvel Comics and will not just be based around New England news.

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