Saul Almeida has eyes set on victory at WSOF 24, ready for title shot

Alexandre Almeida vs. Saul Almeida

Alexandre Almeida vs. Saul Almeida Saul Almeida Saul Almeida has eyes set on victory at WSOF 24, ready for title shot WSOF24

If things go as planned, Saul Almeida will be fighting for a World Series of Fighting featherweight belt on December 18 in Las Vegas. But first, Almeida will have top Alexandre Almeida at WSOF 24 this coming Saturday at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut.

Saul Almeida enters the weekend riding a five-fight win streak and hopes to continue those winning ways in order to get his title shot.

“I’m looking to accomplish big things,” said Saul Almeida. “If everything works out, I know they will, then I will get my hand raised, collect that big check and talk with WSOF about headlining Las Vegas in December for the belt. I want the gold, that’s why I’m in this business. I will always be one step ahead of my opponents.”

The 26-year-old is coming off a split decision win over fellow former Combat Zone MMA competitor Chris Foster at WSOF 20 in April. Like most fighters, Saul Almeida wasn’t happy the fight went to the judges, but was able to pull out the win anyway.

“My game was off against Foster, but I adapted and worked with what I had,” said Saul Almeida. “I feel I could’ve taken him out in the second had I shown my whole game. But I learned from that, got the win and now I am as prepared as I should be.”

Saul Almeida didn’t have the camp he had hoped to entering this weekend, but like he has had to during various fights, he adapted and made the best of it. He is ready for the competition.

On the other side of the cage on Saturday night will be Alexandre Almeida. The 27-year-old is making his WSOF debut and his first fight outside the Jungle Fight Championship  banner in Brazil since April 2012.

“Alexandre’s a BJJ black belt,” said Saul Almeida. “I know he will be trying to take me down but once he sees he can’t, he will panic. I feel I will start to take over the fight. This is a big fight so most likely when we collide, I believe he will collapse.”

Saul Almeida feels confident about his clash on Saturday night, but won’t look past the fight until the bout has concluded and his hand has been raised. However, you can definitely tell he wants the featherweight belt, badly.

You can watch Alexandre Almeida vs. Saul Almeida on as part of the preliminary card. The main card will air on NBC Sports Network this Saturday, October 17.

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