CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL: Save big on MCSPremium subscriptions!


MCSPremium MCSPremium CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL: Save big on MCSPremium subscriptions! cm

Don’t worry! If you missed our very special deep “Black Friday” special, we have extended the 75% off yearly MCSPremium subscriptions! Additionally, for “Cyber Monday” we are offering monthly subscriptions for over 68% off! Signup today!

Normally the cost of a yearly subscription is $59.40 ($4.95/month) but you can get a year for only $14.95 today. If you’d rather pay monthly, that’s fine too! Normally a monthly subscription is $6.95/month but today it’s only $1.95/month!

With your subscription, readers of will get additional articles, such as features, interviews, columns, analysis and other non-news related content, such as UMass Lowell River Hawks hockey recruit updates during the season, hockey and baseball alumni updates and hockey photo/video galleries.

Also, in addition to the normal MCS Live radio coverage throughout the season, we will have extra radio specials available for MCSPremium members. As we roll out MCSPremium for the 2015-16 hockey season, expect additional premium features on Mill City Sports that don’t current exist.

All news-related content, game stories, MCS Live Pre-game shows, and most non-hockey or baseball content will continue to be free to all readers.