Jordan Brand has released a new star studded commercial to pay homage to Derek Jeter, one of the company’s longest sponsored athletes.

The ad features a number of athletes in various sports in addition to a number of stars with connections to professional sports tipping their caps to the 40-year-old New York Yankee as he steps to the plate at Yankee Stadium.

First to tip his lid to Jeter is Boston Red Sox ace Jon Lester as he gets ready to toss him a pitch. Of course the Red Sox and Yankees have had their hatred towards each other for years, but Lester is just paying his ‘RE2PECT’ to the Major League Baseball veteran.

As the ad progresses you see the Yankee fans; rapper Jay-Z; film director, producer, writer, actor Spike Lee; NBA icon Michael Jordan; professional skateboarder Eric Koston, NBA executive, former coach and former player Phil Jackson; New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony and actor Billy Crystal all tip their caps towards Jeter. You can even see, well kind of see, the New York Mets and Mr. Met tip their caps although their faces are blurred.

Towards the end of the ad, Red Sox fans are sitting at a bar and reluctantly tip their caps as well.

You know you transcend the sport when fans of a team that dislikes the Yankees can pay their ‘RE2PECT’ and do it publicly, like Lester and Red Sox Nation.

The ad will make its television debut Tuesday night, during Derek Jeter’s final All-Star game.